donderdag 8 oktober 2015

Tomorrow's Food @ the Food4All Festival in Wageningen

Tomorrow's Food @ the Food4All Festival in Wageningen

7, 8 and 9 October 2014

In October, FIAN, ILEIA and Otherwise will host the 3rd edition of the Food4All Festival, this year titled Hungry for Justice. We will screen key documentaries on food systems, land grabbing and agroecology. Come and learn more about these themes, get inspired by hopeful initiatives and share your ideas with experts. 

Thursday 9th of October 20h00: Tomorrow’s food (Het nieuwe eten)
Tomorrow’s food (Benny Vink | 2014, 51 min, English subtitles) beautifully captures the vision and creativity Jonathan Karphatios. The Dutch chef decided to grow food he uses in his popular restaurant. With enthusiasm he takes us to his gardens and to local suppliers that complement his own produce. “Products get more meaning when you experience the time and energy it costs to grow them.” Karpathios shows the important role chefs can play in building more sustainable food systems. With director Benny Vink.

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